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Pro Res is a very CPU intensive codec, so if you're converting to Pro Res you need power.If you have a PC, you're kinda screwed because Pro Res on PC's is 32bit vs 64bit on Mac's.Today however, with super fast GPU's available, it's less of a problem.The only real issue is with people who don't have fast GPU's.Let's face it - Apple HATES PC, and has only made Quicktime and i Tunes available to take advantage of the additional income.DNx is also less processor intensive than Pro Res, though this could have to do with Pro Res's crippled windows environment.This means, when you render effects on your sequence, you are most likely going to working with a different codec.This isn't an issue in Avid, where DNx native, but it's something to think about.

Most of the DIT's I know run higher end Mac Pro systems and they don't have any problems using RED material of any kind without a rocket card. Pro Res is a very CPU intensive codec, so if you're converting to Pro Res you need power.One small side note, it does require 3rd party plugins to work in the OS properly.Very much unlike DNx, Pro Res is a CPU based codec.This requires a 64 bit operating system and multiple cores, which is actually easier to deal with then fast graphics cards, which eat up power.Apple wanted Pro Res to be workable on all their computers, including laptops, without the necessity of having a super fast GPU.

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From my experience, DNx works a lot better on windows computers then Pro Res.